While LIVE SCREEN PRINTING is printed art in its purest form, SUBLIMATION is the polar opposite and fuses technology and creativity into one great custom activation. LIVE SUBLIMATION is a great way to offer your guests exclusive, 100 % custom full-color printed items that they can personally create live via tablets. We've traveled coast to coast to music festivals, pop-up shops, to high profile events with this great promotional activity.  FAMILY can offer one (1) or multiple set-ups for your event depending on your event attendee count., 

How it works

Live Sublimation (on-site or mobile sublimation) uses the latest technology to allow guests the chance to create 100% custom artwork on the spot at any event.  The types of items sublimation printing allows are endless (custom socks, mouse pads, make-up bags, mini basketball hoops, mugs, or even flip-flops).  Want your guests to be able to draw a custom design, snap a photo of themselves, or use a photo they've taken on Instagram and print it on the spot?  Live Sublimation printing is your answer.  

Each item takes approximately 2-3 minutes from start to finish (from the design, creation, and finally the printing).   Along with your guests names, we can capture important e-mail information, stats on the most popular items, and send the data recap after each event.

We have a total of ten (10) sublimation print stations, computers, and tablets to handle any event size.  If you are looking for the next big on-demand customer driven activation, this is it!  

What we bring

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