over the past decade, FAMILY INDUSTRIES has printed at every type of event, convention, and party imaginable.  Below are examples of various brand campaigns and past activations that we are proud to have been a part of.   Whether it's a brand launch or a birthday party, our print team handles each with the same amount of dedication and professionalism. 

Mercedes Benz Evolution Tour (Experiential Tour)

In 2014, Family Industries teamed up with Engine Shop for an experiential nationwide tour promoting the brand new CLA class Mercedes Benz.  The Evolution Tour covered 11 stops in some of the biggest US cities including New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, and Washington DC .  On-site we printed branded tees designed by the one and only street artist, Mr. Brainwash.  Over 20,000 custom shirts were printed for the Evolution Tour attendees.  The activation was such a hit that Family will be back for the 2015 tour #MBEvolution 2.0 Tour!

Bud Light (Nationwide Ad Launch)

In 2014, Bud Light launched the marketing campaign #UpForWhatever to promote their secret Bud Light party city, "Whatever, USA."  Family Industries was sent out to 25 U.S. cities in one single evening to print shirts to help build excitement for the chance to win an all expense paid for vacation to "Whatever, USA."  Family fully staffed and executed the activations in all locations. 

Merial Nexgard (Conference/Convention)

How do you stand out amongst the crowd of competitors at a convention or conference?  Merial came to Family Industries with this exact question, and we came up with the best solution: Custom NexGard screen printed t-shirts and convention totes.  Activating in both Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV, Family Industries printed a total of 6500 shirts and 3500 totes.  We fully staffed the Merial activation with the Family Industries print team.

Jeep (Remote Location Experience)

Jeep is an automaker known for its rugged 4x4 SUVs and off-road vehicles.   It only makes sense that our screen printing team can take on the same remote locations as a Jeep.  We packed our bags and trekked to two world class ski and recreational resorts; Jackson Hole, WY and Apsen, CO for the ESPN X-Games to promote the power of a Jeep.  

Smart & AVP Tour (Co-Branded Activation)

When it comes to print locations, we can never argue with printing on the beach! Smart was the official sponsor of the AVP Volleyball Tour and needed a cool custom activation to help draw in the crowd.  We headed down to Manhattan Beach and Huntington Beach to print tank tops for the laid back crowd.  Highlights included printing with various Olympic Volleyball Gold Medalists and getting to watch the Volleyball matches up close and personal.

MINI (Auto Launch) 

MINI asked Family to come on board to offer consumers a custom giveaway at their drive and race events in both Los Angeles and NYC.  The Family Industries print team slung ink on tees for consumers who test drove MINI Coopers around a custom built race track.  

HULU (TV Show Promotional Launch)

Comic Con has turned into the world's biggest experimental platform for premiering new movies, tv shows, and all other forms of entertainment.  Hulu needed a solution to help build buzz for their new show, The Incredibles to the Comic Con 2014 attendees.  Visibility was a key concern since Comic Con's attendees are gifted so much free swag.  To stand out, we custom cut, sewed, and printed 2000 capes for the attendees.  Most walked away from the booth wearing the capes.  Instant brand to consumer connection!

Red Robin (Employee & Team Building Experience) 

When a big Fortune 1000 company like Red Robin needs to get all its employees on the same page, custom printed tees are the answer.  Live screen printing is a great team building activation and helps employees and staff go through the motions of printing their own custom tees. 

Disney (Retail & Product Promotional Launch)

Working with one of the world's biggest companies to help release a brand new product was truly an honor.  When Disney needed help promoting the release of their new video game "Disney Infinity" at the 2013 E3, they called on Family Industries to create custom tees to wow the crowd.  We answered the bell with 16 staff, 9 screen printing presses, and 6000 shirts featuring 100% never seen before full color mash-ups of Disney and Pixar characters.  The activation was so successful that we traveled to Times Square NYC on the game's release day to print another round of custom shirts. 

Absolut (Alcohol Branding Promotional Tour)

Bar and restaurant owners are a hard crowd to impress, but Absolut was up to the task. To help promote the quality of Absolut Vodka, Legacy set up a series of events called Stuga.  Each of these winter wonderland themed events (LA, NYC, CHI, ATX, Vegas) focused on the process of how Absolut is made from the ground up.  Family Industries set-up two print stations at each location and printed custom shirts and hoodies for the refreshed and impressed attendees.

SyFy Channel Launch (International Brand Launch)

Family Industries goes international! The SyFy Channel needed a buzz creating activation to help get the word about the launch of their new Latin America version of the SyFy channel.  SyFy's plan was to set up an "Imagination Land" in the middle of the world's biggest city, Mexico City, to help stir up a quick interest for the official launch.  To help build the anticipation, Family Industries created 8 exclusive logos based off the SyFy Channel TV Lineup to live screen print in the "Imagination Land" as the main draw of the entire event. Over the course of 3 days, Family printed over 5000 shirts for the huge and curious crowds.  "Imagination Land" also included the Crimson Collectives Giant Origami Crane, touch screen interactive video walls, WiFi stations, and various SyFy TV Channel booths.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Movie Launch)

NBC/Universal partnered with Family Industries to take part in their 2010 San Diego Comic Con activation, Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic Con.  Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic Con was the highest profile activation at the 2010 Comic Con and attracted over 10,000 fans during the three day event.  The activation was covered by media outlets such as USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, and E! Entertainment.  Family was on-hand to print over 6000 one-of-a-kind t-shirts to the masses with a staff of just over 10 people.  Stars of the movie including director Edgar Wright (Shawn of the Dead), Anna Kendrick, Jason Schwartzman, Aubrey Plaza, Brandon Routh, Kieran Culkin and more, printed along side Family Industries to create the biggest buzz and frenzy during the 2010 Comic Con.  Fans lined up over 1000 people and 3 hours long to wait for their chance to get a t-shirt.

Nixon + Street League Skate (Event Poster Activation)

We took the boring event poster giveaway and turned it into something special.  Nixon and Street League Skate brought Family on-board to custom live screen print over 20,000 posters in Kansas City, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Phoenix as the official event poster giveaway.  Each poster was signed and numbered as part of their limited edition run. 

Amoeba - Record Store Day (Philanthropy Event)

Family Industries and Amoeba Music Hollywood have partnered every year since 2009 as part of a philanthropic event in conjunction with Record Store Day.  The Family Industries print team has helped raise over $20,000 for charities like Doctors Without Borders and The Silverlake Music Conservatory with custom printed tees!  Each year, customers line-up and eagerly await their one of a kind limited edition Amoeba/Record Store Day tees. 

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs + Birthday Parties + Misc.

Live screen printing isn't just for the big guns!  Family loves printing for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and any other party or special occasion (wedding, graduation party, office party etc).  Custom tee shirts help keep your guests entertained for hours.