LIVE SCREEN PRINTING (also known as on-site screen printing and event screen printing) is exactly what it sounds like: we come to your party or event and print on the spot!  Guests get to choose a shirt, design(s), and the placement of the design(s). Then they get to watch as our printers bring their creation to life in about a minute. No two shirts are ever the same!

Using some of the best graphic designers and artists, FAMILY INDUSTRIES can create custom designs and logos for your event.

LIVE SCREEN PRINTING is a creative and entertaining way to raise your event or party to the next level while forming a lasting and tangible impression on your guests. 


FAMILY INDUSTRIES offers a marketing solution that connects brands to consumers in a uniquely interactive way. LIVE SCREEN PRINTING generates buzz within any event through direct consumer interaction. Family Industries has worked with some of the largest brands and companies across the country and internationally to connect them with their consumers via live screen printing. 

We can work with your creative team to help conceptualize fresh ideas from the start to the finish. On-site, Family can print onto shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, totes, posters, towels, aprons and any other flat promotional items!