We offer and feature a variety of printing techniques at FAMILY INDUSTRIES.   Below you can find more information on our house stock colors, along with our featured techniques.  We can match any colors not on the chart below for a fee. 

In-house PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM color options


  • Plastisol is an oil-based ink.  It tends to have a "feel" since it's printed on top of the shirt fibers.  
  • Holds textures (hi-resolution images) better than waterbase. 
  • A properly cured shirt printed with plastisol ink will last a long time.
  • Works well for four-color process or simulation process designs.  


  • Discharge ink has no feel when printed onto a 100% cotton t-shirt. 
  • Discharge ink is printed into the t-shirt fibers.  It is essentially "bleaching" the shirt the color of the chosen ink.
  • Great for "vintage" style art
  • Discharge works on 100% cotton tees.  It does not work very well on 50/50 blends or tri-blend styles. 


  • Waterbase ink uses water instead of oil as the base.
  • Works best on light colored garments.  Virtually no feel to the ink.  Waterbase ink prints into the fibers of a shirt.
  • Can hold textures just as well as plastisol.

FOILS & Metallics

Metallics are essentially plastisol inks with metallic powders added to give it a "reflective" sheen.  Foils are an application added after a plastisol base is printed on your shirt, hence the extra cost.