Welcome to the family

Family Industries is not your ordinary screen printing and design house.

Family Industries founders Alex Meiners and Max Hellmann came together in 2008 with one vision in mind: creating a screen printing shop where the customer comes first. With Alex and Max’s collective backgrounds in design and marketing, Family Industries understands the need to be flexible, proficient, and enthusiastic in order to succeed in an oversaturated market. We love the entire process of screen printing; the excitement of creating the initial design, the hard 
work of the actual printing, and the satisfaction of seeing the final product. We live and breathe it.

Our shop is located in the arts district of Downtown Los Angeles near the historic North Spring Street Bridge. We are fast becoming the go to print shop in Los Angeles, thanks in part to having a variety of screen printing presses, a plethora of design resources, and our well versed industry knowledge. 

Family Industries' humble beginning took place in the run down back shed of Max’s house in Echo Park. Each night after Alex and Max would finish their regular 9 to 5 jobs, they would head to the cramped space to print shirts. Even though the conditions were less than ideal, it didn’t stop Family Industries from branching out and eventually printing for a host of Los Angeles based clients.

Business continued to boom and Family was feeling the growing pains more then ever. Tired of sharing a desk, Alex and Max moved into a larger studio and hired an additional full-time printer. Family Industries was now a full fledge screen printing shop.

There was no more need, or time, for additional 9 to 5 jobs and certainly no time to take a day off. Every day was filled with orders, and each night a live event. Even with the extra space, it didn’t take long before Family felt the squeeze again. After just a year, the time had come once again to expand.

That’s when the guys saw an 8" x 11" sign in a dust covered window advertising a 9,000 square foot space for rent. Family Industries had finally found the perfect space. They could have a full office, an art gallery, a full production floor, and a roll up door that would allow them to easily 
bring in palates of shirts and material, rather than the previous method of carrying them down a narrow hallway, box-by-box. All of this, and it was only a half block away.

Family now has the room and manpower to keep up with their need to print 5000+ shirts a day. They also have the logistical know how and experience to keep ongoing clients supplied with products, while continuing to send multiple printing teams on the road for events all across the